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Topic Maps Toolkit (TmTk)


TmTk is an implementation of the RM. It includes a development library for building persistent topic map graph applications (no additional storage backend required), an XTM processor, and a set of command line tools for working with topic maps. The topic map graph can be queried using the SQL-like STMQL (Subject-based Topic Map Query Language). The distribution also includes a Python extension. TmTk is a combination of the internals of Goose and the toolkit approach of GwTk.

TmTk provides a framework for implementing topic maps models that can be used to drive the applications (XHTML, NITF, NewsML, and so on). An early version of the SAM is provided.

We are working on the documentation. It's still at an early stage, but at least the intoduction is available here

Sam Hunting developed the Omnivore, a Python prototype of this approach.


The current version of TmTk is 0.7.

Version 0.8 will be an implementation of the RM that has a consistent interface, but will only handle a subset of the SAM (likely without scope and variant names), with processing models for XTM and HTML.

Version 0.9 will have more support for generic models, although it will probably not be possible to read models from a model language. Storage and speed will be improved.

With version 1.0 TmTk will evolve into a full implementation of the RM.

If you want to help out, drop us a line.


Download TmTk here.

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