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Goose was an implementation of the first version of the ISO Reference Model for Topic Maps. It was a standalone, optimized database server for topic maps with no RDBMS backend required. It was designed to be very easy to use. Goose understands a SQL-style query language (STMQL), comes with a set of client applications, development libraries in C and Python, and an HTML browser for topic maps that evolved into V, the current GooseWorks topic map browser. More...


GwTk was an habanero games implementation of PMTM4. GwTk was a flexible development library for building topic map applications ranging from little tools with in-memory storage of the topic map graph to large scale server applications using an RDBMS (MySQL) for backend storage. More...


XTM2L1 implemented a processing model for XTM, and converted XTM topic map documents into L1, the import format for the Goose topic map server. More...

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