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Goose was an optimized database server for topic maps that implemented the Draft Reference Model for ISO 13250 Topic Maps (DRM). It built on many lessons learned from our implementation of the Topic Maps Processing Model 1.0.2 (TMPM4) in GwTk.

Goose used L1, a very simple linear notation for topic map information, to import topic maps. It could be queried using a SQL-like query language called STMQL. Although the use of L1 as the import notation made it neccessary to convert XTM instances before importing them into Goose, the use of a low-level notation provided a very clean separation of the processing model (i.e., how to convert XTM to L1) from the actual representation of ther topic map as the graph specified by the DRM. In addition, handling other document types that "encode" topic map information (e.g. NewsML, NITF, HTML+DC, DAML) became a simple matter of defining a processing model and writing a script to convert instances of that model into L1.

Included in the distribution were a set of client applications, development libraries in C and Python and an HTML based topic map browser.

Support for HTTP

Goose was designed to deliver web services conforming to the REST architectural style, so there was built-in support for HTTP. Currently, a web browser can be used to obtain statistical information and some specialized index views of the map.


Download Goose here. (Goose is no longer maintained.)

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