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Iconography FAQ

Q: Why "goose"?

A: The goose (that lays the golden eggs) is a metaphor for the topic map community in a posting by Steve Newcomb:

The goose is our community. More specifically, the goose is our shared faith in the power of knowledge aggregation to enhance human productivity and the quality of life on this planet. Even though the eggs are solid gold, the goose is much more valuable than any of its eggs. It's the source of the eggs, after all. The goose comes first.

At GooseWorks, we try to "put the goose first" by supplying the topic map community with open source tools.

Q: Why a red Chinese character?

A: The Chinese character means "goose." It is red for luck (and also for the red webbed feet of the goose, which contrast with its white and gray feathers). Using a Chinese character reminds us always to remember Asian character sets in our requirements analysis!

Q: Why the bamboo?

A: Because the RM, like bamboo, can serve as flexible and strong scaffolding or a framework, even in the wild.

Q: Is there any more goose iconography in the GooseWorks project?

A: Yes. When geese migrate, they fly in a V formation. That is why we called the GooseWorks topic map browser "V".

Here is a translation of a poem that Chinese children learn when they are two or three:

Goose, goose, goose
Singing towards the sky while spreading curving neck
White feather floating on green water
Red web peddling the crystal clean ripples

Perhaps the first line has three geese because that is the minimum number required to form the migratory V.

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