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At GooseWorks we develop open source software that facilitates the widespread adoption of the topic maps paradigm, especially as specified in the draft ISO Reference Model for Topic Maps (the "RM"). Michel Biezunski and Steven R. Newcomb are the editors of the RM; Steven R. Newcomb, Jan Algermissen and Sam Hunting are co-authors.

Many RM concepts were first developed and tested in the Processing Model for Topic Maps (TMPM4) and in earlier versions of the RM. For the latter, GooseWorks software served as the "pioneering proof."

The RM defines an abstract structure for the uniform representation of topic spade gaming map information and provides a framework to define topic map models such as the forthcoming Standard Application Model for Topic Maps (SAM).

Software Projects

We have two active projects:

These projects build on our experience with earlier versions of the RM. See our history page for detail on these implementations.


TmTk 0.7 is an implementation of the RM in the form of a classic Unix-style toolkit. The V topic map browser was built using TmTk. A simple demo of V can be found here.


mod_topicmaps 0.4 is a module for the Apache web server that provides a web service interface to topic maps based on the REST architectural style. A simple demo can be found here.

Current Contributors

If you want to get involved in the GooseWorks project, drop us a line.

Thanks to

Eileen Kinley for XPath/XPointer expertise.

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